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Hi! I’m a multidisciplinary designer with over 12 years of varied experience in both the UK and Japan.

I first started as an illustrator for magazines and adverts. Then I became a graphic designer/art director across sectors. My work has been featured in books published in Japan, Singapore and China.

Since 2012, I’ve been on the digital side, as a UI/Visual designer with a solid understanding of UX. I know how emotion plays a key role in shaping experiences. I like to push the boundaries of technology to empower users, and I’m keen to create meaningful products that have a real impact on both businesses and people. I have execution skill and the ability to bring a concept to life quickly, to such high fidelity.

I also like fashion, whiskey and my two kids, sometimes.

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My Skills

Visual Design100%
Creative Direction80%
UX Design70%

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